Getting online prescriptions from our fully licensed doctors is fast, safe and secure!

You no longer need to wait in lines!  From the convenience of your phone, tablet, or computer and at any time, or by appointment, you will be instantly connected with one of our doctors.

Step One - Select Online Consultation

When placing your order with mynewRx, select the fastest option to obtain your prescription. We will then contact you to start the process. We will first assist you in filling out a short form about the prescription you have ordered. We will then help you submit your information to the Doctor for review.  If required, we will schedule an appointment for you to meet with the doctor.

Step Two - Doctor Review and Meeting (if required)

The Doctor will start your consultation by looking at the answers you have provided on the form.  Once the doctor has reviewed your information, they may request an audio or video chat to review your medication request.

Doctors are able to provide prescriptions for most treatments. Please be aware that in certain circumstances, we may be unable to provide your specific prescription.   In this case, you will need to visit a family practice or walk-in clinic to receive your prescription.

Your prescription will be sent electronically, directly from the doctor, to our licensed pharmacy partner for fulfillment.  The doctor’s signature, licence number and direct contact information including the drug name, dosage and frequency will be included.

Step Three - Receiving Your Online Order directly to your home

The prescription, with any refills, will then be added to your mynewRx account. Your order will then filled with your medications and shipped directly to you.

If you use maintenance medications such as high blood pressure or birth control, you can authorize mynewRx to contact your doctor regarding any refills.  Simply contact mynewRx and talk to one of our representatives.  Please note that Doctors can prescribe refills at their discretion. 

Online prescriptions are similar to in-person doctor visits.  You will have a consultation with a doctor and they will prescribe the medication for you.  Rather than a paper copy, a digital prescription is created and sent directly to our licensed pharmacy partners.  We will let you know when the pharmacy has filled and shipped your medication. 

You bet! Doctors on mynewRx can prescribe most common medications, with the exception of controlled medications like narcotics. Similar to all Doctors, prescriptions are given at the discretion of the Doctor. 

mynewRx Doctors can prescribe most medications with the exception of controlled medications like narcotics.

mynewRx doctor online consultations are not intended for medical emergencies. If you believe you are experiencing an emergency, please call 911 or proceed to your nearest emergency room.

Don’t panic! The Doctor will call you back  on the phone number provided by you during the registration process.

We do our best to anticipate and answer your questions.  But if you still have questions, we invite you to contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions or address any concerns that you may have.