Generics Vs Brand Pharmaceutical drugs

Brand versus Generic? White potato fries versus Sweet potato fries? What is the real difference?

Some of the most commonly asked questions of our health care professionals are:

  • What is a Generic drug, and does it have a different level of effect compared to the brand drugs?
  • How are generic drugs different from branded drugs (especially related to Viagra Vs Sildenafil).
  • Why is the color, shape or marking on generic drugs different from branded drugs?

The simple answer is, generic drugs look different due to intellectual property and patent issues, but they have the same overall effectiveness and safety. Generic and brand3ed drugs go through the same regulatory processes and approvals and cannot be sold unless they meet strict guidelines.

In an article in the The New England Journal of Medicine, Dr. Jeremy Greene and Dr. Aaron S. Kesselheim explore at length why generic pills look different from their brand-name equivalents and from competitors that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) certifies as being bioequivalent. Having the same effect on the body, they question whether the difference in appearance has public health implications.

The primary benefit to the consumer of a generic drug is the price savings. Generic equivalents can be up to 1/10th the price of the branded drug.

Their conclusion at the end of the report is that generics may look different but are the exact same medication and are always significantly cheaper.

If you have any further questions or concerns about generic drugs, want to find out if your medication has a generic version available, or if you want to know how much cost savings you get after shifting to generic drugs, please consult your health care professional or visit

Considering generic medications could reduce your medical bills by as much as 40%-80%

By the way, sweet potato fries are not real fries. Just saying. =0)


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